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An iconer's gallery

2/20/07 03:03 pm - Moving

Largely because I don't like logging in and out of this journal, I'm moving everything to a personal icon community. I'll probably post other things there from time to time, fanfic and the like, and I'll be shifting my old and current icon challenges o'er there as well.

You can find it at eidolonic_light. I'll keep this journal open still, though nothing new will be posted here.

12/31/06 04:38 pm - Last Entry

Because y'know, you always have to have a "last entry of the year" thing. I guess. I know it's small by some standards--only twenty-eight icons--but still, they're here, and I like most of them.

On next year's agenda: Toy Story 2, FFV, FFIII DS, StHA, and The Good Life.

10 Dynasty Warriors
2 Shining the Holy Ark
12 NiGHTS into Dreams
4 Final Fantasy V

Twenty-eight all toldCollapse )

12/5/06 08:05 pm - 10variations: NiGHTS

Original image

Into dreams...Collapse )

So here are the results of my first 10variations challenge--this was a lot of fun. I'm not so pleased with how 3 and 5 came out, but this gave me an excuse to really experiment with my style. Plus the picture itself is just so darned pretty. ^^

11/25/06 02:07 pm - vg100: Knights of the Old Republic

Updated : 2/20/07
Complete : 57%
Themes : All; 3 AC

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away....Collapse )

10/22/06 03:03 pm - *Grumble*

So for some reason, the table from iconfiend100 and the fickle nature of Photobucket are refusing to cooperate with me right now. I updated my Inverloch claim, but whether or not the new icons are actually visible--well, at least that dumb chasm is gone.

I know I was making noise before about Hornblower icons, but the DVD player on my computer doesn't let me take screenshots, or if it does I don't know the method yet. Which is quite irksome, since I was looking forward to making some icons of Horatio and Bush. So I'll have to figure something out for that, and soon. Ugh.

In the meantime, though, here's some of the Trek and Dynasty Warriors.

8 Dynasty Warriors (assorted)
7 Star Trek: Deep Space 9

Fifteen all toldCollapse )

10/9/06 05:46 pm - Final Fantasy and the Trek

I know. I need to stop making Final Fantasy icons so much. It's just that it's so easy to find FF stuff and it's good to practise with. By the end of this month I'll have some Horatio Hornblower icons, though--Horatio Hornblower is the spiffy. In addition to a mess of various FF icons, I have the Star Trek captains (excluding Archer since I don't much like Enterprise.) Trek for the win!

4 FFV (<3)
2 FFX/2
11 FFX Ending
4 Trek

Twenty-four all toldCollapse )

10/4/06 10:10 pm - Iconfiend 100

Updated - 10/22/06
Themes - 4, 16, 41, 47, 49, 23, 22, 24, 2 AC

8/31/06 09:54 pm

I haven't updated the journal in a while, but I've made quite a few icons--and looked at quite a few tutorials. So, here are about thirty icons for your viewing pleasure, as follows:

|4| Final Fantasy (assorted)
|5| Shadow of the Colossus
|7| Final Fantasy V: Legend of the Crystals
|12| Knights of the Old Republic/II

Dramatis PersonaeCollapse )

Textless icons are not bases, so don't use them as such--and as always, comment and/or credit if you're going to use these.

8/20/06 02:57 pm - Resource Lists

Icon resourcesCollapse )

8/14/06 08:48 pm - FFXIII & Dame Judi Dench

Yeah, I know it's still some FF, but I'm starting to go for a little variation in the things I icon.

Today it is the truly great actress Dame Judi Dench, whom I idolize. Watching one of her movies or TV shows is an acting lesson. She's been nominated and won the Academy Award several times--she's so good, she was nomiated for Shakespeare in Love, a movie in which she was onscreen for less than twenty minutes. She makes it look so effortless. Watch As Time Goes By or Mrs. Henderson Presents or, or--or any of her other productions to see how good she is. Dame Judi has been called the best actress in the post-WWII era, and if you ask me that's absolutely true.

Dame Judi Dench has more talent in her left thumbnail than people like Jessica Simpson have in their entire bodies. That's a fact.

(5) Dame Judi Dench

FFXIIICollapse )

Dame Judi DenchCollapse )

As always, comment and/or credit if you take one of these.

I'm going to try and get some Trek icons up here soon. ♥ the Trek.

8/11/06 01:27 pm - Final Fantasy icons

Went on another small iconing spree--again with the Final Fantasy. (I need to start varying my themes here.)

(2) FFII

(2) FFVI


(8) FFIX

Thirteen in totalCollapse )

7/31/06 01:18 pm - VG100

Completed October 2, 2006

100 Majesty Icons

Comment/Credit if taking
Ardania, a realm steeped in humanity's myth and loreCollapse )



7/21/06 04:07 pm

Iconed the main party of FFIII's DS remake.


Four OrphansCollapse )

Credit if you take.

7/20/06 04:19 pm - FFX Series

This is based on the saying "One crowded hour of glorious existance is worth more than an age without a name." Since the theme of Final Fantasy X is sacrifice and death, I thought this would probably fit the general outlook and mindset of Yuna and her guardians.

One crowded hour of glorious existance is worth more than an age without a nameCollapse )
As always, give credit if you are going to use one of these.

7/14/06 07:21 pm

Here is a small handful of Final Fantasy icons for the first post. No, they're not all dazzlingly wonderful and there aren't a lot of them, but they were fun to make.

The rest.Collapse )

Cohesive icon serieses to come later.
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